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2020 Phonathon

You can help Westcott with your time & talent Monday, December 21

Have you wondered how Westcott's great facilities are supported? Do you have what it takes to help Westcott get what it needs to continue blazing a trail? Are you good talking with people on the phone? Do you want to do the heavy lifting to keep Westcott afloat financially? Or plainly speaking, do you like pizza?


Come with a friendly attitude, your personal phone (a flip phone will do) and your brain. We will update you on Westcott's financial situation, train you to explain the Phonathon's goal and place you in a team with a set of instructions to get the job done. Together we will accomplish the mission of the Phonathon. We are asking Westcott's solid core of students and young pros to volunteer a few hours on Monday, December 21. Join us to finish the year with a bang and then celebrate. The second consecutive annual Westcott Study Center Phonathon is here. Will your team get the prize for best performing team?


You don't have to give Westcott $75,000. You just have to ask for it!...for Westcott, for them, for you!

4:00pm Arrival and training

4:30pm Phonathon I

6:00pm Break. Dinner. Share experiences. Visit.

6:30pm Phonathon II

8:00pm End


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Dec. 21, 2020


Westcott Study Center

410 Westcott St, Houston TX 77096


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