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"Turn up the heat!"

Club Forge is an adventure and character-building club for boys in grades 3 through 5 and their dads. It aims to imbue the boys with a desire to be men of virtue and to give them some of the tools they need to reach that goal.


In a fun and manly environment, Club Forge encourages the boys to overcome difficulties, to stick to a task until it is finished, to respect others, and to aspire to high ideals. Hand-in-hand with helping the boys, the club aims to provide fathers with effective tools and opportunities for further cultivating the virtues in their boys at home.


In the difficult circumstances we are all facing these days, boys are looking to their fathers for guidance, example, optimism and love. During Club Forge meetings each month, fathers and sons have the opportunity for focused time together with both meaningful discussions and fun activities.



Club Forge meetings will take place at the Westcott Study Center every 3rd Sunday of each month at 3:00pm. Given the current health situation, we are encouraging all participants to wear masks and practice social distancing. We will have sanitizing supplies on-hand and will provide snacks that are individually wrapped.

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What are the goals for the boys?

  • To begin thinking about what kind of men they want to be when they grow up

  • To learn about some fundamental virtues and how they can live them

  • To engage in fun and manly activities where they can develop their character

  • To become friends with other boys who are seeking the same goals

What are the goals for the fathers?

  • To spend focused time with their sons in a fun atmosphere

  • To better understand and articulate the virtues and see how they can help their sons acquire them

  • To have more occasions for the conversations they want to have with their sons about deeper subjects

  • To form friendships with other fathers who are also interested in developing their son's character

Main activities (45-50 min)


  • Online Pictionary

  • How to juggle (guest speaker will give juggling class)

  • Paper airplane contest

  • Guest speaker from NASA 

  • Chess tournament

  • Pumpkin carving contest (October)

  • Magician class

  • Experiments with industrial plastic foam

  • Field trip

  • BB gun target range

  • Skeet shooting

Meeting Dates

(8 Sessions for 2020, Every third Sunday of the month)

  • May 17

  • June 21 - Father's Day

  • July 19

  • August 16

  • September 20

  • October 18

  • November 22

  • December 20

Topic for Talks

  • Intro to Manliness

  • Family Life/Fraternity

  • Purity/Tech Awareness

  • Order/Little Things/Responsibility

  • Sincerity/Humility

  • Courage/Sacrifice

  • Self-control/Good Judgement

  • Friendship/Loyalty

Schedule for In-Person Meetings

3:00 - 3:10pm

Talk on virtues for the boys

3:15 - 3:45pm

Talk for the fathers only
Activity for the boys

3:50 - 4:40pm

Competitive or main activity

4:45 - 5:00pm

Optional talk given by priest in chapel

4:45 - 5:00pm 

Snack and get-together

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Club Forge Registration

The cost to attend Club Forge the remainder of this year is $60. 


Westcott challenges young men to grow as virtuous leaders and transform society through their prayer, work, friendships, and family life.

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