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Spring Break Service Project 2024 - upload travel docs

Upload Documents

Please use the form below to upload the following documents by February 24th:

1) Westcott permission form (download here).


2) Personal permit form required for entry into Mexico.

- Click the plus sign in the upper right, scroll down and agree to the terms

- Point of Entry: Nuevo Laredo II Juarez-Lincoln

- Date of arrival: 09/03/2024

- Date of departure: 16/03/2024

- Reason of trip: Tourism

- Specify: Recreational Activities

- State: Nuevo Leon

- Address in Mexico:

El Molino, Calle Cañadita de Alva 3952


After submitting this request, go to the payment page:

(see video explanation here). You have to create a profile, verify your passport, and then pay. Before paying you have to enter your FMM reference number which should have been emailed to you. Note: the payment is in pesos not US dollars, so $700 pesos is about $40 USD. Print out the receipt and also email it to Dan.


After paying, you will get an email with the FFM number in the subject line. Click on the link in the email to download the FFM form (see sample below). Print out the FFM and also email it to Dan.


3) ID page of participant's passport (email).


4) Notarized permission to enter Mexico attached below. UPS provides a low cost, readily available, notary if you call ahead. For this, we need the original, hard copy - we ask you to upload a copy just so that we know you have it.

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