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LCT Staff Application

LCT 2024 Dates:

Staff Training (Required): Monday, June 24th - Wednesday, June 26th

Camp Dates: Wednesday, June 26th - Tuesday, July 2nd


The adventure that is LCT is a serious undertaking that can have a powerful, positive impact on both campers and staff. The fact that you are interested in serving as a staff member at LCT says something significant about who you are as a person. If you persevere through the application, training, and camp week you will grow as a young man of generosity, service, and responsibility.


Please do not be intimidated by the detailed nature of this application or the demanding requirements that it implies. This application is meant to be the beginning of a conversation and an instrument for personal reflection and action more than a means of final selection. We hope for honest, thoughtful responses, not “perfect answers.”


Please reflectively read the points below and then answer all questions in complete, well-thought-out, grammatically correct sentences. An appropriate response can be given to most questions in one to five sentences. Please be sure to answer all parts of all questions.


We look forward to hearing from you!




The Mission of LCT

  • LCT aims to help boys develop into fine, hard-working and courageous men who can be leaders among their peers. The camp's full, well-balanced schedule is designed to motivate the boys to use their talents in order to lead and serve others while developing good character and strong friendships. Through cabin competitions, night games, Xtreme Olympics, and many more activities, the boys have a ton of fun while at the same time growing in manliness and virtue. LCT provides nourishment for the body, the mind, and the soul. The spiritual care of these activities is entrusted to Opus Dei, a personal prelature of the Catholic Church. Opus Dei seeks to spread the message that all are called to seek holiness in their everyday lives.

The Role of the LCT Counselor/Ranger

The role of the Counselor/Ranger at LCT is to do the following in an exemplary manner:

  1. Take personal responsibility for the physical and moral safety of the campers at LCT, specifically those in one’s cabin.

  2. Shepherd the campers through the day, ensuring that the boys are where they belong at the proper times, thus enabling the camp to run smoothly.

  3. Provide a model for the campers of a man with the virtues that LCT seeks to help campers develop. Specifically, provide a model of a man who is:

    • Generous, Self-sacrificing, Others-oriented

    • Cheerful

    • Hardworking

    • Obedient

    • Orderly

    • Prayerful

    • Apostolic

    • Struggling to grow in virtue and love of God

  4. Lead the campers by word both as a group and individually to see and desire the good as it presents itself in the ordinary events of the day during camp.

  5. Lead the campers individually by word to form concrete, practical resolutions to grow in virtue.

  6. Contribute to building an atmosphere of cheerful service and love of God among the staff at LCT.

  7. Give to the campers inspiring, practical, age-appropriate talks on virtues, such as sincerity, humility, and the spirit of sacrifice. (Counselors only.)

  8. Give short catechism classes and answer questions about the Faith, morality, and the spiritual life. (Counselors only.)

  9. Set up, run, and clean up all LCT activities in a timely manner, cheerfully, all week. (Rangers.)


Requirements for Counselor/Ranger Acceptance

  • The LCT Staff Selection Committee has an obligation to select staff who can do the best possible job at carrying out all of the responsibilities of the Counselor/Ranger as outlined above.

  • The greatest indication of this ability is shown in one’s current, ongoing struggle to live in daily life the virtues enumerated above in the third point in the section on the Role of the LCT Counselor/Ranger. The questions on the application below are designed to help you think about and relate to us some of the details of your efforts.

  • It is extremely difficult to demonstrate on paper one’s ability to fulfill these duties. It is therefore highly recommended that an applicant provides those making the selection with the opportunity to get to know him personally by attending activities on a regular basis that the members of the Selection Committee assist in running, such as The Grade, study nights, days of recollection, visits to the elderly or homeless, and retreats held at Westcott, Wingren, Montevista, or Featherock. Furthermore, attendance to these activities both demonstrates an eagerness to develop oneself into the type of man capable of fulfilling the duties of an LCT Counselor/Ranger and at the same time contributes directly to the development of the necessary virtues.

    • Perhaps the very best means by which an applicant is able to both prepare himself to carry out well the mission of the LCT counselor and to demonstrate to the LCT Staff Selection Committee his ability to carry out the mission well is to receive personally on a regular basis the very coaching in virtue and nourishment of the interior life that he will be required to provide as an LCT counselor. This is most often provided through regular mentoring through The Grade, in spiritual direction, reception of the Sacraments, and continuous ascetical formation. Practice throughout the year in providing this type of coaching is also of evident benefit. Such practice is available through being a counselor at Club Anvil or Club Mustang.

    • For the sake of understanding with abundant clarity how important the formation of the LCT staff is for the success of LCT, please read again Points 4-7 from the section above on “The Role of the LCT Counselor/Ranger.”

      • Please reflect on the evident fact that it is impossible to carry out in a deep and effective manner any of these profoundly non-trivial tasks without extensive personal guidance in these matters.


An Important Note

  • It is important to understand when applying that there are always more qualified applicants than positions available. Therefore, we must often turn away qualified applicants. It is also helpful to understand that an applicant may in fact possess the qualities of a good Counselor/Ranger but be turned down because the members of the Selection Committee have not had sufficient opportunity to get to know the applicant personally and thus have the necessary level of confidence in his capabilities to entrust him with the responsibilities of a Counselor/Ranger.

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