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Fatherhood Series Recorded Lectures Archive


  1. Feb 1: Building a New Civilization One Son at the Time. Mr. Patrick Fagan Audio: (Intro, Talk)


  1. Feb 9: Smartphones the Attention Economy, and Interior Freedom. Mr. Rob Dunikoski Audio: (IntroTalkQA)

  2. Mar 9: The Father and Servant Leader. Mr. Kumar Kibble Audio: (Talk)

  3. Apr 13: Patriotism: A Lost Virtue of Piety in our Day. Mr. Matt Mehan  Audio: (IntroTalkQA)

2018  Young Dad Workshop, Featherock, June 29-July 1, 2018

  1. Because I want. Forming the Will of Children, Pilar Caranti.

  2. Centrality of Marriage, Chris Carroll.

  3. Family Culture, Martin Boles.

  4. Formation of Children with Regard to Sexuality, Guido Caranti.

  5. Parental Authority and Children's Freedom, Brackin Smith.

  6. Work and Family Balance, Doug Kisgen.


  1. Feb 4: Rethink Happy. Mr. Doug Kisgen. Audio:(mp3)


  1. March 5: What Women Want! (From their Husbands and Fathers). Mrs. Sally Smith. Audio:(ogg, wma)

  2. April 2: The Enduring Benefits of Engaged Fatherhood. Dr. Mark Regnerus, Associate Professor at the University of Texas, Austin. Audio:( oggwma )


  1. April 11: The most important thing a father needs to think about. Michael Pakaluk, Professor at the University and Chair of the Philosophy Department at Ave Maria University.

  2. March 7: Getting your kids to "buy-in" to the Faith. Timothy J. Reckart, Partner, Rusing Lopez & Lizardi, P.L.L.C.. 

  3. February 7: Thomas More as Father and Educator. Gerard B. Wegemer, Professor at the University of Dallas. 


  1. February 1: Teaching the Priority of Being over Having, Jose S Healy, Healy Media Consulting. Audio (mp3,ogg)

  2. March 1: How to Help Your Son Grow in Faith, Alvaro de Vicente, Headmaster of the Heights High School. Audio (mp3,ogg)

  3. April 5: Winning the Battle for a Clean Life, Michael Johnson, Ph.D., licensed psychologist. Audio (mp3,ogg)


  1. February 2: Steve Markel:

  2. March 2: Patrick Fagan:


  1. Tim Westman: Educating your Children about the Truth and Meaning of Sexuality

  2. Thomas Spence: Get your kids off the screen and into a book

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