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Leadership for America

About LFA


If one seeks to lead others towards the good, both for the individual and for society, one must first strive for wisdom.  Leadership for America is an annual summer series that challenges high school students to ask big questions.  Each year LFA tackles a topic that is both relevant to man today, and to every man.  Throughout the week the underlying principles of leadership, based on the natural law, freedom of conscience, and democratic ideals, are studied in the light of Judeo-Christian values and revealed truths.

LFA Series 2020 – Good Men are Hard to Find 

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The annual lecture and film series, Leadership for America, is back for the summer of 2020!  This year we will explore the life and writings of one of the greatest American writers, Flannery O'Connor, who died in 1964 at the age of 39.  This Southern Catholic woman wrote a couple of short novels, several collections of short stories, and essays and letters that are pure genius.  She is in the Library of America, which evidences her perennial relevance, and her humor and dark Gothic stories are striking paths of entry into the great questions of life: its purpose and meaning, the role of faith and religion, and the surprising and sometimes shocking character of the eruption of grace (or even reality) in people's lives.

The seminar will examine closely her first novel, Wise Blood, and discuss a number of her short stories drawn from A Good Man is Hard to Find.  We will also watch a couple of films that touch on themes raised by Flannery O'Connor.  As always, there will be daily mass and rosary, as well as excellent food, sports, and night game activities throughout the week.  Don’t miss out on this excellent summer leadership seminar!



Monday, June 15th (afternoon) to

Saturday, June 20th (morning)


Faculty & Staff

Dwight Duncan

Professor | UMass School of Law | Dartmouth

JCD & JCL | Pontifical University of the Holy Cross

JD | Georgetown University

BA | Harvard University

Alex Hoff

Head of Middle School | Western Academy
B.A. Theater, Film and Television | UCLA

Application deadline: May 1st

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